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Dhatri Communications value proposition lies in its proven track record of leveraging its technological expertise, strategic thinking capabilities and creative talents to deliver solution across the media domains. We at Dhatri Communications are a collective group of Creative Team, Journalists, Event Mangers, Designers, Animators, EditorsĀ  and good team of production planning department that have set out on their own to deliver media related solutions and services. We offer the right mix of creative talent, strategic planning & technical expertise to deliver effective media solutions.

Our Mission

Our vision is to be the leading custom media providers. We will achieve this by offering the most innovative ways for our clients to powerfully engage with their members, government and the public. Our aim is to provide the latest digital communications tools so our client partners are strongly-equipped to thrive, to grow and be influential within their communities. This vision includes employing the brightest and best talent, with the highest integrity in the creation of media solutions

Why Choose Us

We have emerged as a strong forerunner in the areas of Video production, Content Development, Live Coverage, Online Cameras Rental, Event Management, Web streaming and Multimedia Development, using the latest technology. We bring together the best in design technologies so that you stay a creative step ahead of your competition.


"The outsanding support of dhatri team keeping us ahead always..."
Ramesh, 10TV

"Dhatri Communications has provided a consistently high level of service over the years. We have an excellent relationship with the team, who clearly understand our business and our needs. They have produced fantastic results and as well as highlighting our commitment to the community, successfully communicating our brand values and promoting existing and new product ranges."
Babu Rao, camsignmedia.com

"Dhatri Communications has consistently secured quality media coverage for our party and has impressed us with their proactive approach"
Rama Rao, apcc.com

"Proactive and client focussed are the key words I would use to describe Dhatri. The work done by the team on my behalf has provided measurable results and represents a great return on investment"
Shiva Kumar, alpha.com